June 18, 2023

Principles for the Christian Home

Passage: Genesis 18:19
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Intro: Christian homes should be the same from one household to another. Yet, even in our churches of today what passes for a Christian home varies from member to member. The word of God would lead us to have a similarity and unity concerning just what is a Christian home.
Let us seek counsel from the word of God. Let us learn or re-learn principles for the Christian home.
I. A Christian home begins with Christianity.
A. Verse 19
B. You cannot have a Christian home without salvation.
1. Notice the simple phrase “I know him.”
2. Rom. 4:3 “Abraham believed God and it was counted unto him for righteousness.”
3. Are you the one keeping your family from having a Christian home?
4. Are you praying for salvation for your lost family members?
C. You cannot have a Christian home without Christ likeness.
1. If you do not know what Christ is like, how can you be Christ-like?
2. Are you intent on pursuing the will of God?
3. Are you intent on pleasing God? “I do always those things….”
4. Sir, are you willing to die for your wife?
5. Lady, are you willing to live for your husband.
II. A Christian home requires a covenant. (Between God and Man)
A. God uses the word “covenant”.
1. Genesis 17:4- God makes a covenant with Abraham to make him the Father many nations.
2. Psalm 25:10-God promises that all paths are mercy and truth to those that keep his covenants and testimonies.
3. Ps.25:11-13, -These verse reveal how His covenants are kept: ( by a reverent fear that 1)produces teaching, 2)God’s direction for life, 3)a peaceable dwelling, 4)and his children shall inherit the earth.
4. You cannot have a Christian home without God’s rules.
III. A Christian home necessitates commitment.
A. A commitment of husband and wife to Christ
B. A commitment of husband and wife to each other.
C. A commitment of parents to children, and children to their parents
D. A commitment of direction.
1. Lot was a Christian, but he did not have a Christian home.
2. Abraham was a Christian and he did have a Christian home.
3. The difference is in the commitment.
4. Lot was involved; Abraham was committed.
E. Are you committed or involved?
F. Are you actively seeking commitment from yourself and your family?
G. Are you committed to the cause of Christ?
IV. A Christian home demands Christian conduct.
A. Concerning sin.
1. Christians admit their sins. I John 1:8-10
2. Christians deal with their sins. Is. 1:18
3. Christians progress out of their sins. II Peter 3:18
B. Concerning God’s word.
1. It is a lamp.
2. It is a guide book.
3. It is the resolution point.
4. It is the authority.
C. Concerning others.
1. Compassion. Jude 23
2. Respect.
3. Love.
4. Forgiveness.
5. Obedience. Conclusion: Dad’s let these principles become your principles and take charge of your Christian responsibility to God, your wives, your children and your church, then God will bless you and your families greatly.

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