January 14, 2024

Is There Not a Cause?

Passage: I Sam. 17:29
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Is there not a cause?

Text: I Sam. 17:29



I want to reacquaint you with the spirit of sacrifice that swept our country during the days of World War II.  Young men and women from all across this great land stepped forward to enlist and serve when the news of Peal Harbor was received.  Husbands enlisted and left wives and families behind.  Yet as the train left the station, wives, children, mothers, and fathers stood and cheered for those who had stepped forward to serve.  Careers were put on hold and often abandoned.  Dreams were forsaken and the cause of patriotism was promoted. Under-aged young men had parents sign wavers to allow them into the armed services.  In many cases, these young men simply lied about their age and went off to the war. Few there were who did not want to serve.  In fact, if you did not want to enlist and serve, you were the unusual one. You were the “nut-cake”.  You were the oddball.  Praise was offered to those who went off to the cause; criticism was reserved for those who did not want to serve.  Or who chose to serve other interests.


I want to reacquaint you with the spirit that swept across our country during the days of the Vietnam War.  There were those who had the same fire, fervor, and patriotism that was shown during World War II.  But, there was a spirit of rebellion and selfishness that grew and grew until protests against the war led to an inconclusive conflict.  People who wanted to enlist and serve were considered odd balls.  In fact, this was the only time in our nation’s history that returning veterans were not honored.  What an extreme!  There was a cause in both wars.  Yet, the attitudes were vastly different.


  1. There is a spiritual war.
  1. David understood that the conflict with Goliath was more than just a battle.  Verse 26.
  2. There are hundreds even thousands of unsaved around us.
  3. There are many cities in North Carolina where there is no fundamental work.
  4. There are many cities in our nation where there is no fundamental church.
  1. There is a proper attitude to have.
  1. Mal. 3:13, 14
  2. It seems to me that I hear more of this than I do the cry of David.
  3. It pays to serve God, but our children seldom hear such a statement.
  4. We have become a nation where the spiritual is no longer a cause.
  1. Our cause centers on money.
  2. Our cause centers on things.
  3. Our cause centers on popularity.
  4. Our cause centers on political correctness.
  1. We have a cause to reach a lost and dying world!
  2. We have a cause to start new churches!
  3. We have a cause to send forth missionaries.
  4. What will our young people hear?
  1. “What a waste” Vs “what a cause!”
  2. You will break my heart or will you please God?
  3. How can you do this for me or will you do God’s will?
  4. I hope you detest the spirit that caused such grief in the Vietnam era.  But, many are guilty of the same attitude when it comes to their children or even themselves serving God in His cause.  Is there not a cause?
  1. Carey went to India and spread the gospel.
  2. J. Hudson Taylor went to China.
  3. Peter Cartwright went to untamed Mid-West.
  4. David Brainerd went to the American Indians.
  5. Spurgeon went to London town.
  6. John Rice went across this nation.
  7. Jack Hyles went to the Chicago area.
  8. J. Frank Norris went to Dallas/Fort Worth.
  9. G. B. Vick went to Detroit.
  10. The one thing these men all have in common is that there are dead.  Yet there are nations and cities without fundamental works in them.  Is there not a cause?
  11. Most missionaries retiring from the field have no one to take their place.
  12. There are literally hundreds of churches without preachers with many closing their doors.
  13. Oh for the spirit of Isaiah.  “Here am I Lord, send me”.
  14. Is there not a cause?


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