April 14, 2024

Holy Heavenly Heartburn

Passage: Luke 24:32
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Text: Luke 24:32

Title: Holy Heavenly Heartburn

Intro: Five Things That We Experience When the Fire Burns


  1. There is Companionship (Vs. 15)

1)Jesus drew near during their confusion

  1. A) just like us: sometimes Jesus is walking with us, and we don’t recognize that he is there. (vs.16)

B.) Their confusion was because they did not believe that Jesus had resurrected. (Vs17- 26)

C.) Jesus rebukes them for their unbelief. (V25-26)

  1. There is Clarity (vs 27)

A.) It’s all about Jesus:  We must remember that we are here to please and learn of him.

B.) Once there is clarity, we can acknowledge Jesus and become a witness for and of Him.

C.) Clarity came because he taught them from the word.

D.) God’s word brings light into any heart that is willing to listen and heed.

  1. There is Constraining (Vs 28-29)


  1. Constrained-defined as:  To urge irresistibly or powerfully; to lay hold of.
  2. This is how we are to accept Jesus.
  3. Christ’s love for us and our love for him controls us: that is, keeps us in bounds. Not unwillingly but to please Him.
  4. God sets boundaries for the child of God. His Commandments
  1. There is Communion (Vs 30-31) Our Lords table is spread.
  2. Not for his frozen people but for his chosen people.
  3. Christ becomes Host in their own Home.
  4. Note their eyes were opened.
  5. They Knew Him- They saw the wounds of Calvary, and His Passion


  1. There is Courage (Vs 33)                                                                                                                                           
  1. They Came out of hiding to proclaim the things that they had seen.
  2. His passion now burned in their hearts.
  3. They were excited to go and tell-where is our excitement?
  4. His Word brings about Understanding which gives us the courage be his witnesses.




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